Formulation and production

In order to obtain a high quality final product it is essential to start with high-quality raw materials and use them wisely in balanced recipes developed and optimized to perform according to the final use or requirements.

In the production of a paint, a plaster or a stucco, important variations may happen in:
• temperature
• viscosity
• structure
• color

The structure and workability of a coating is determined by the correct selection of the aggregate.
Lime materials are prone to a wider variation range than in most industrial processes. Therefore, process control is essential to a good finished product.

In the field of decorative finishes sometimes the result may look exceptional immediately after application and drastically disappointing after a few years or just a few months.

aggregates and natural pigments

Over the Italian territory can be found aggregate of high quality in a wide variety; from the dolomite stones to white Carrara marbles.
The specific crystalline structure of the minerals reflects the sunlight in a unique and unmistakable way, enriching the colors and giving the typical warmness and delicate effects of a natural finish to walls.

For tinting it is necessary to use inorganic pigments like natural earths and iron oxides. For easy dispersion of the pigments in a wet lime base it is necessary to work with liquid colorants.

In the preparation of Venetian plasters it is important to avoid the addition of high volumes of air. Air bubbles can make the application very difficult but a minimum presence is important for a fluent application and easy polishing.

Lime finishes colors

Coloring of lime finishes has to comply with two simple factors:

use of inorganic pigments

maximum pigment loading
too much pigment in a lime finish cannot wet immediately the base over a certain threshold, but the tinting process will go on slowly and in an uncontrollable way in cans, or even worse will never wet a saturated base.

Our 40 years of color matching experience allows us to give our customers efficient and long-lasting color formulations for every project.

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