Preservation and protection
of the world’s architectural heritage

Conservation and preservation mean to ensure the transfer of the knowledge and the values of these works of art to the next generations, preserving the original characteristics wanted by the artists.
Only through awareness of the need for preservation can this effort receive the deserved attention in this modern society.
Every single restoration job undertaken by the Italian authorities is a result of series of analysis of the substrates: from the diagnostic tests to determine the reasons of the degradation of the initial construction materials to the learning of the original building technologies and procedures.
Specific solutions that can restore the building and preserve it in the future can be elaborated only after detailed examinations.
This applies to the consolidation of foundations, to the defense against rising damp and to the compatibility with original decoration of the facades, mostly painted with delicate and vibrant lime colors.
walls restorated with lime based finesh

rialto lime products are used in Italy in different applications on restoration projects. To mention some of the most recognized: reinforcement of old mortars with injections of Grassello di Calce and Cocciopesto in some areas of the Colosseo in Rome.

Decoration with lime plasters in the Palazzo Boncompagni Ludovisi (now Fendi Palace in Rome) in the Quirinale palace (seat of presidency of the Italian Republic) and in the seat of Banca d’Italia (Bank of Italy in Rome).

In the northern area we can find some lime RIALTO plasters in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, and some RIALTO lime stuccos in the Ca’ d’Oro Palace over the Canal Grande, in Palazzo Grassi and Palazzo Manfrin in Venice.

Less famous but not less interesting is the multitude of small historical centers like Matera (Sassi di Matera, recognized and protected by UNESCO), Palermo, Napoli and Catanzaro, where local authorities approved rialto lime finishes for restoration of civic museums and palaces of historical interest.
walls restorated with lime based finish

The rialto division of HARPO spa can provide technical solutions and support to architects and organizations involved in this fascinating activity worldwide.
The know-how developed in decades of experience in this field can be shared with professionals who want to operate both in restoration and creation of structures in full respect of nature and environment.

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