A material directly from the past

The first binder ever used by human kind to build his home was clay. Mixed with water and spread over reed structures creating areas protected from rain, cold and wind.
Afterwards, using clay mixed with straw, left to dry under the sunlight was created the first brick.

In more recent times, the Phoenicians discovered slaked lime, a binder that sets if exposed to air. Later on, by mixing slaked lime with clay or Volcanic ashes, they obtained the first hydraulic lime able to set even in presence of water.

During the Roman Empire lime was widely used as construction material. Even today, we can still see buildings and monuments in very good structural condition thanks to the technical and physical properties of this natural and fantastic binder.

Vitruvio, the Roman architect often mentioned the use of lime in different mixtures for construction of public and private buildings.

lime in the reinassance era
Thousands of years ago, certainly nobody could know the chemical reactions and the physical principles behind the beautiful decorative results; their experience on the jobsites was the only real source of knowledge.

Today, we fully understand these phenomena and put this knowledge to work in our lime products whose formulations have been improved and proven over time.

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