rialto is experienced in wall protection and decoration for both exterior and interior surfaces.

rialto products are primarily designed to allow walls to breathe, eliminate moisture and help air transfer between interior and exterior environments, for the construction of healthy and comfortable buildings

Particularly noteworthy is RIALTO FINISH, the breathable quartz finish coat. Introduced in the early sixties, it is still appreciated today for its elasticity and durability, as evidenced by the condition of buildings coated more than thirty years ago.



The use of a natural binder, such as slaked lime, is the main feature of the rialto plasters line and an array of decorative products for exteriors and interiors. Since they allow walls to breathe and contain natural components, these products are perfectly suited for the restoration and finishing of buildings of historical interest.



Thanks to constant research on new materials and technologies, a line of products based on siloxane has been produced in recent years (paints, finishes with glazed effect, thick coatings and water-repellent treatments). Siloxane resins contain an inorganic base, which allows the creation of coatings with a higher water-repellence than that obtained using products with an acrylic base, while still allowing the walls to breathe.

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