A process at the speed of nature

This area wishes to inform the reader about the simple concepts related to the history and behavior of lime that often, for different reasons, are unknown to today’s generation of painters and plasterers.
An endangered knowledge that we want to keep alive.

The awareness of the physical process ruled by the mother nature, precise steps of a natural process that can’t be changed, will make the applicators more conscious, and they’ll appreciate those aspects of the lime finishes that, at first sight may seem a waste of time, but if used with due respect, can create works of art that will last for generations.

To build something that will last and be in perfect harmony with the context of the project, compatible with other construction materials and with the environment, this is the spirit of those who work with this noble substance.

We will speak about stones, wood, water, fire and time, we won’t reinvent anything new, we’ll learn together the roots of the binder used by our ancestors, that thanks to the passion and professionalism of few technicians, is still available today, in full respect of the Italian tradition in restoration and decoration of our buildings.

lime - grassello di calce


Lime can look old fashioned or brand new, poor or rich, a rare specialty or a very common item, according to cultures, countries and their local traditions.

Hydrated limeair-hardening limelime milkgrassello di calcepure limeseasoned slaked lime, names used in marketing by many paint and plasters manufacturers promoting lime based finishes.

– Can we understand the real maning of these words?
– Why is a seasoned slaked lime better?
– What is a true Grassello di calce?
– What is the difference between coatings based on hydrated lime
and those based on Grassello di calce?

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