natural seasoned slaked lime decorative finishes, high performance professional wall coatings and traditional Italian decorative paints

Inspired by the historical archives of the Harpo rialto color lab, and supported by the experience of our colorists, over time, different color tools have been created to provide a solution to every need: the fan deck “spatula stuccos” dedicated to marmorino and Venetian plasters, the famous “collezione italia” fan deck, and now the new color chart “cento colori”, a selection of the most appreciated 100 premium colors for lime based products and exterior finishes.

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Rialto’s constant research on technologies and materials has developed a wide choice of products, ideal for all types of architecture:

  • finishes based on seasoned slaked lime,
  • traditional lime plasters,
  • decorative lime nishes, such as the marmorino and the travertine e ect,
  • venetian plasters,
  • metallic stuccoes (gold and silver),
  • decorative Italian paints,
  • and a specialised range of siloxane and high-performance coatings.

Rialto has been producing natural wall coatings in italy for over 50 years:

Rialto has been producing natural wall coatings in Italy for over 50 years, exported and appreciated all over the world. Rialto can also provide technical solutions for architects and organisations involved in the conservation and protection of the architectural heritage, international workshops and video training courses.

Lime products are eco-friendly natural wall finishes

Rialto lime products are eco-friendly natural wall paints and plasters based on a magnesian slaked lime seasoned for at least 24 months.

This process allows Rialto to o er unique natural sustainable wall nishes and solutions of great aesthetic value. Rialto lime products are used in the construction of new innovative green buildings that comply with the requirements of bio-architecture and on the restoration of historic buildings.

They follow traditional procedures and recipes using the best Italian natural raw materials such as pure white Carrara marble.

Rialto tinting system integrates the range of products and bases

Rialto tinting system integrates the range of products, bases, tintable basecoats and protective components of the technical cycles with a series of extremely powerful colour tools and colour collections, colour charts and colour fan decks for the colour choice of end users, architects and designers.

The system is composed by a complete range of colouring pastes, a multitude of colour formulations for all products in the Rialto range managed by an advanced user-friendly colour management software.

The system o ers the possibility of controlling costs of colorants of each colour formulation and is connected to modern and advanced tinting machines. A team of colourists in the customer service technical department supports and assists distributors through an on line service.

Uses and advantages

Rialto products are perfect for a variety of applications:

  • Traditional Venetian stucco
  • Venetian plasters and stuccos
  • Wall stuccos
  • Metallic stuccos (gold, silver)
  • Seasoned slaked lime finishes (marmorino, travertine effects)
  • Italian style decorative wall finishes
  • High performance systems for wall finishes

These natural products are formulated with the best raw materials found in Italy. They are composed of genuine Italian lime obtained from dolomitic stone, mixed with white Carrara marble, water and oxide pigments.

Lime is a natural and breathable finish that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. This material is compatible with restorations of historical architecture, contemporary bio-architecture, and new design projects that require a classic and elegant aesthetic.

The Rialto product line is for international partners with discerning customers who are looking for exclusive finishes that are sustainable for both human beings and the environment.

  • Natural
  • Bio – compatible
  • Titanium Dioxide free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Cement free
The timeless elegance of Italian design

The timeless elegance of Italian design

Try a free sample and get to know more about our top quality 100% Made in Italy product lines.

The Rialto Box provides a variety of samples so that our partners can see the top quality of our products. It is also a preview of the marketing materials that are available to you for your promotions.

The free Rialto Box includes:

  • Sample product – A great way to get to know Rialto’s artistic and functional
  • Instructions – A step-by-step guide to assess the product’s potential on the market.
  • Video instructionsDemonstrations by specialized technicians who show you how to use the materials.
  • Addresses and contact information for assistance before and after testing, so that Rialto can support customers during the product evaluation phase.


Once customers try our brand they keep choosing Rialto products and services!

Are you a distributor of wall décor products?

Become a Rialto partner. There are so many advantages for you!

  • Increased Business Opportunities
  • Excellent margins
  • Area exclusivity
  • Professional Technical Support
  • Specialised training on demand
  • Access to video content


The Rialto Box sample package will give you the opportunity to test the products that meet your business needs and get a true sense of the colours and the different possible finishes.

This mutual journey is a great opportunity, as we bring a new unexplored technology to your home country, one that is built on thousand-year old craftsmanship and traditions that are embodied by this top Made in Italy brand.

About us

Rialto is a Covema Group brand.

Covema Group is an Italian company comprised of eight brands that operate in the décor sector, with different specialisations.
The group brings the elegance and sophistication of Italian design to the world.

The Group collaborates continuously with Architects, Interior Designers, Distributors and Trend Setters to keep the collections’ colour ranges up to date and on trend, and to provide a series of cutting-edge tools to present the colours on the market.

Become a Covema Group partner!


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